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How to prepare for a new flooring installation

What gorgeous flooring! Don't we all love to hear that? The floor is the largest square footage in any room so it's highly visible. A quality product is only part of the story, while the installation technique putting the finishing touches on your home’s jewel in the crown.

At Koehler Floor Coverings we know that people want beauty, function, and superior service from the company they work with. Our in-house flooring installers are all highly skilled, each with decades of experience. We’re the place to explore a flooring installation in Warren, OH.

Before the installers come

Ask a lot of questions beforehand so you know who does what. There will be furniture, baseboards, doors, and moldings to remove. Get any knick-knacks and valuables out of the way. Also, think especially about furniture and the size of the installation; if it's just one room, it just gets moved to another. If you are flooring in the entire house, that's another matter entirely.

If you need to paint, should you do it before or after the floor is installed? There are two schools of thought on this. Most do prefer to do the floor first because the crew will be coming in with large rolls and tools and there's always a possibility of scratching or dinging the wall. Just be sure the floor is completely covered with painter's plastic and a tarp with plenty of tape around the edges.

Will you need to think about how to cook or shower? How will you secure pets? When will it be okay to walk on it, or put the furniture back?

Discuss the subfloor ahead of time

Many installers will automatically repair and restore if needed. This is something you should discuss ahead of time and negotiate, if needed, as part of the installation. The subfloor will affect the performance and appearance of the surface floor and, in fact, imperfections, such as unevenness, can telegraph through on some materials. Sometimes the subfloor will need to be replaced completely.

For more information about a flooring installation, visit the Koehler Floor Coverings showroom in Warren, OH. We service Warren, OH, Niles, OH, Cortland, OH, Girard, OH, Sharon, PA, and more. Ask about our estimates.

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