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How to service both residential and commercial flooring customers

Whether you're looking for flooring for your office building or home, everyone wants the same two things: to live and work in comfortable surroundings, most importantly the floors they walk on. At Koehler Floor Coverings we service both residential and commercial customers. Whether you have a private home or a restaurant, hotel, or office, call us for a free quote.

How to shop for commercial flooring

With commercial, it’s not enough to just say “hospitality” or “office.” Hospitality is the industry term for both hotels and restaurants; each has different needs, as do most restaurants. For example, a coffee house won't have the number of grease spills that full-service restaurant has. A medical office needs antimicrobial and non-slip flooring. whereas an advertising location will be concerned very much with style. The budget will also depend on the developer or property owner. With residential, it's all about your style and needs.

Can residential and commercial flooring be used interchangeably?

Yes and, in fact, some commercial-grade floorings, such as carpet, are also used in the home. Construction is always low-pile, with short, tightly woven fibers so they're easier to clean. It's not unusual for someone with a new, not-yet-housebroken puppy to order a commercial rug.

Commercial rugs have a wide range of colors and designs, many of them being repeating patterns. These patterns can also be used effectively to visually guide someone around an area. They're durable and tough enough to stand heavy foot traffic in busy locations, such as offices and hotels. Since rugs also absorb noise, they eliminate muffled conversations, ringing phones, and clacking keyboards.

As for hardwood it is often used in an advertising agency, where glamour is desired. While all hardwoods are hard, there is a measurement called the Janka Scale which will tell you exactly how strong the wood is. Also ask about engineered hardwood, since it's more water-resistant and stable.

All tiles are decorative and come in an assortment of colors, patterns, designs, sizes, and shapes. Porcelain tile is a particularly good choice since it's heavier and better for highly trafficked floors. It is also waterproof, whether or not it's glazed. Vinyl, especially luxury, is preferred by restaurant designers for its affordability, style, and function.

For more information about residential and commercial flooring visit the Koehler Floor Coverings showroom in Warren, OH. We service Warren, OH, Niles, OH, Cortland, OH, Girard, OH, Sharon, PA, and more. Ask about our estimates.

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